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1 Portion

90 g

8 zł


We offer salads, vegetarian and meat dishes, squeezed juices and a wide selection of homemade pastries: breads, rolls, cakes and cookies.

Small plate

4 x 90 g

24 zł


A choice of 4 hot dishes or salads from the bar.

Big plate

6 x 90 g

29 zł


A choice of 6 hot dishes or salads from the bar.

A ten-meter counter

this is the center of our bar. It is full of various salads (over 40 types), hot meat and vegetarian dishes (30 types), homemade pastries and natural juices.

Seasonal specialities

we try to use in our menu throughout the year:
in spring – salads with spring vegetables and asparagus
in summer – cool drinks made of mint, lemon balm or nettle leaves and Lithuanian cold soup
in autumn - homemade plum cake, plum salad with herbs and pumpkin soup
in winter – pumpkin pie, borscht with pie and lekho with millet.

Our menu

Salads & hot dishes Hover

Salads & hot dishes

Cold & hot drinks Hover

Cold & hot drinks

Desserts & pastries Hover

Desserts & pastries

Alcohols & drinks Hover

Alcohols & drinks

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