We will take care
of your guests' senses.

Catering wstęp

For over 30 years we have been serving all parties, cocktails, banquets, special events, conferences, coffee breaks. We approach each client individually, enjoying the new challenges that lie ahead of us.

For individual offers please contact us
by e-mail or phone.

phone: 12 292 12 12 wew.: 113
mobile: 603 603 429
e-mail: catering@chimera.com.pl

We can successfully prepare small informal meetings as well as larger, sumptuous banquets.

We have hosted in the walls of closedós, palacesós, museumsós as well as in the industrial areas.

We have hosted within the walls of closesós, palacesós, museumsós, industrial factories, old barnsós, modern officeós or in private homes. We have also done outdoor events.


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