The restaurant is located in fourteenth-century cellars,  which for hundreds of years were used for the storage of beer and wine. One of the surviving features of what was once a Gothic restaurant is the unique fireplace, which is still used for roasting meat — though nowadays this is done not over the embers themselves, but in special roasting dishes made of glass.

There are three dining rooms — with numerous nooks and crannies — and sixteen tables of  various sizes. The interiors were designed by Kaja Wierzbowska-Wrońska, who is the co-owner of the restaurant and also a painter in her own right. Some of her paintings are on display and there is also a boutique with a selection of her designer lamps.

We specialize in Polish cuisine and we find our inspiration in old recipes and home traditions. 

While we abhor excessively fatty food, we love vegetables, salads and fruits. We bake our own breads and pastries! As the wine list reflects the centuries-old tradition of  these cellars, our specialities are wines from Hungary, Moldavia, Slovenia and Georgia.