Salad list

Salads for autumn and winter 

Salads can be ordered to take away in disposable  trays, or in glass bowls to return. 

Fresh vegetable salads

 Salads Kcal/ 100g
courgette with  kohlrabi salad  –
chicory salad 33,50
Greek salad 68,9
kale and egg salad 48,9
autumn /spicy plum / salad 55,4
cauliflower and nuts salad 78,8
kohlrabi salad 33,3
white cabbage salad 29,50
white cabbage with cream  –
red cabbage salad 68,4
white sauerkraut
red sauerkraut  –
mung bean sprout salad 

fennel salad

carrot salad 44,8
fruit salad 71,3
spelt and pumpkin salad  –
pickled pepper salad  –
tomato with onion
tomato and pepper salad 38,8
tomato with ”bundz” and basil 33,8


leek and corn salad 261,7
radish and pepper salad 32,5
radish salad 18,2
lettuce salad 36,0
celeriac and nuts salad 66,8
celery salad 122,7
cottage cheese with vegetables 83,2
spinach, tomato and cucumber 41,1
spinach with egg  
spinach with soya 213,0

Boiled vegetable salads

Salads Kcal/ 100g
broccoli and egg salad 59,5
brussels sprouts salad 40,3
beetroot salad 39,0
chickpea salad 177,7
bean salad 177,0
mamut” kidney bean salad 50,4
mixed kidney beans 49,1
Polish vegetable salad 138,o
Italian vegetable salad 29,3
cuscus with vegetables 175,6
pasta with nuts 134,5
soya pasta with vegetables 224,8
parsnip with grilled vegetables  –
wild” rice with grilled vegetables 276,5
rice with vegetables 189,1
soya with lentils 261,7
potato salad  –
potatoes with black beans  –

Meat and fish salads

Salads Kcal/ 100g
nappa cabbage cheese, ham and vegetable salad 108,95
mussels salad 42,5
rice with chicken and curry 236,3
rice with ham and pepper 259,9
celeriac with turkey and corn 216,2
herring salad 130,3
tuna with corn 102,8
tuna with lentils 290,0
smoked fish salad

Layer salads


Kcal/ 100g
chicory and red orange salad  69,2
nappa cabbage with zucchini, radish and kohlrabi 28,7
nappa cabbage with cottage cheese and radish 54,0
nappa cabbage with marinated and grilled pumpkin 23,4
nappa cabbage with apple
nappa cabbage with salmon
lettuce and a mixed cheese salad  200,0
iceberg lettuce and avocado salad 96,3
iceberg lettuce and oyster mushroom salad 20,1
Romaine lettuce, mungo bean sprout and cranberry salad 59,0
nappa cabbage with grilled vegetables and soya sauce 48,5
Caribbean salad /grilled orange and pineapple/ 30,4
farfale pasta and salmon salad 97,2
wholemeal pasta and bacon salad 192,7
lettuce with salmon and olives 74,0
lettuce with chicken and cranberry